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RT60 – the authenticity of space through sound

RT60 is the time it takes for a sound’s reflection (reverberation) within a space to dissipate to below 60 decibels.

The RT60 project involves ongoing research, inquiry and artistic processes focusing on the notion of individualistic sonic identity within architecture. This is accomplished primarily through concentration on the inherent ‘sonic fingerprint’ of each individual structure, in accordance to it’s unique and specific design, dimensions, and materials, all of which are captured, examined, and expressed through impulse response technology, then mediated into various forms of abstraction.

This project was introduced and initially presented in association with the Städelschule Forensic Aesthetics seminar.

I wish to extend very special thanks to Arjen, Aram, and everyone at Audio Ease for their kind and generous support. I am very pleased to now have access and use of Altiverb for research and development of the RT60 project. For many years, Altiverb has held the position of the industry leader in convolution and impulse response technology. Arjen, Aram, and the folks at Audio Ease are responsive, focused, and have been of great assistance in the use of the product as well as a resource.

a small mention of the RT60 project premise in an article about the Städelschule Forensic Aesthetics seminar, the professors, etc. in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.