network series

exhibited at the 2011 Städelschule Rundgang:

network (netzwerk) 1-5

The network series is a 5 piece series consisting of two-color silkscreen prints. The gray colors in this work are created from various colors of the Städelschule print lab surplus, which are mostly left over from the works of other student / schule projects. This work is a contemplation on networks of various sorts from neurological, computer, synthesizer / electronic music instrument circuitry, architectural, transportation and other such urban infrastructure design, to academic, social, occupational, economic, and others. It is also an exercise in visual composition, representative of sound and music and the harmonic / inharmonic relations found therein, with themes and motifs drawn from musical notation. Each work, which was designed, drawn, and cut by hand in ‘rote film’, was composed based on the themes and motifs found in its predecessor(s), ultimately resulting in a sort of visual improvisation.