RT60 P. 7


Today on this historic birthdate of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, I am pleased to announce further work and findings in the project RT60: The Authenticity Of Space Through Sound. There have been a multitude of methods and discoveries in the RT60 research project, some which have been shared at the audioeins_ Instagram page, and others that will be announced and explained at the audioeins.com website and in future published materials. But for today, in honor and celebration of the life and work of Mies van der Rohe, I am sharing photographs of waveforms of both acoustic and material (large glass panes which serves are structural perimeter walls of the entire building) Impulse Responses, which very clearly share specific similar characteristics that represent one of the most distinct sonic identities (or sonic fingerprint) of the SR Crown Hall Building at IIT in Chicago Illinois USA. This building is considered by many, including Mies himself, as a masterpiece and representation of ideals and methods to which Mies upheld and aspired to throughout his career, as well as those of Bauhaus and the 20th Century International Modern Architecture movement. Why this finding is important, is that it visually illustrates that which is heard, a distinct fast ‘fluttering’ modulated reverberation and material decay. What this reveals is the direct correlation between the acoustic atmospheric space of a buildings interior, and its constituent structural materiality. As sound eminates from within, as well as possibly outside of, through, and into a space, the sonic attributes behave similarly and the sound wave reflections and absorbtion by materials take on a congruency and likeness of sound wave character, with possible entrainment, as the entire structure and space begin to resonate. This is seemingly the result of the acoustic soundwaves reflecting and taking on the characterisitc set forth by the particular properties of the predominant structural and boundary forms and surfaces, in this case, large glass panes, and imprinting them onto interior acoustics. Further investigation will continue.

Alan B. Richmond / audioeins

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