trace series

The `trace´ series, by Alan B. Brock-Richmond, is an exploration into a developing audio and visual art practice during the period of study at the Staedelschule, with centralized focus in sound and its various related phenomenological aspects. The `trace´ print series (`trace 1 and 2´) is an illustrative depiction of saturation and distortion characteristics within sound, where horizontal and vertical lines reference electric guitar strings, time signatures and other compositional elements, and characteristics of waveform, amplitude, and harmonics, all of which are main attributes within the magnetic audio tape archive (the `trace loops´ series). The `trace loops´ series consists of 500 audio loops extracted from a collection of recorded solo sound projects and concerts from 2010 to 2014, including the first and last works of this period. While the `trace loops´ series in static form is an archive which points towards themes of time, duration, memory, and ephemera, it gains further meaning when presented in concert on two reel tape machines, where looped elements from each creative era manifest as improvisational components, thus allowing for a unique and ever changing cinematic like score of reflection and recontextualization.