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Bauhaus Dessau, Main Building

Bauhaus Dessau, Main Building

Bauhaus Dessau, Main Building, impulse response illustration

The RT60 project involves ongoing research and inquiry focused on the notion of individual sonic identities within architecture. This is accomplished primarily through concentration on the inherent “sonic fingerprint” of each individual structure, in accordance with its unique and specific design, dimensions, and materials, all of which are captured, examined, and expressed through impulse-response technology. This investigation utilizes analytic processes and state of the art software to sample room acoustics and their frequency and decay characteristics, providing a new and advanced form of documented blueprint and historical record, and thus revealing further details and insight into the densities, surfaces, and forms of the structures we inhabit and how our engagements within are affected. The RT60 project will result in an audio catalog and archive of the ‘sonic fingerprints’ (impulse-response measurements) of selected, landmark twentieth-century modernist structures including: Bauhaus buildings (main building, studio building, and master houses) by Walter Gropius (Dessau); Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies Van der Rohe (Berlin); Haus Le Corbusier Weissenhofsiedlung Museum (Stuttgart); and Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Frankfurter Küche in the Ernst May Haus (Frankfurt).

This RT60 project was generously supported by The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, Audio Ease, The Städelschule Frankfurt, Bauhaus Dessau, Weissenhofsiedlung Stuttgart, Ernst May Haus Frankfurt, Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, and through other individual contributions. Many Thanks go to all these parties without whom this project would not have become what it has.

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