below is a small selection of images from 39A (named after an airline seat number), which is a current body of work resulting from time in Germany. the ‘amt‘ series was taken at the ausländerbehörde while awaiting visa processing. ‘konstablerwache‘ was taken in the underground station at that haltestelle. these particular images concentrate on and explore the meditative minimalist color field topography discovered in simple every day scenarios. for example, something as unsuspecting as the edge of a chair seen against the floor below (or in some cases merely the floor itself) can manifest a striking composition and an associated moment of suspension.

gleis (‘track’ in German) is a short experimental film shot on an old mobile phone from inside a train en route from Berlin to Frankfurt in 2010. It is the first completed piece of the new series 39A. Typical of my work, gleis visually and sonically explores minimalism, the experiential, and meditative or hypnotic states that can manifest in simple everyday life scenarios. It also explores the means of prevalent and affordable everyday technology as an art medium. With gleis, I was fascinated by the blurred minimalist color field quality of the image through the lo-fi phone camera. The soundtrack is a self produced original score, with added ‘Om’ like sounds of the train on track. It was composed with intent to emphasize the rhythmic and repetitive dreamlike imagery. As a result, I feel that gleis is suitably demonstrative of the contemplative notion of ‘moment’.