Bauhaus Dessau Building Main Stairwell (preliminary) 3:01 min:

RT60: The Authenticity Of Space Through Sound, by Alan B. Richmond Jr. (formerly Alan B. Brock-Richmond)

Bauhaus Dessau Building Main Stairwell (preliminary) 3:01 min:

3:01 minute edit of a 16 minute preliminary composition produced from material and structural sounds and impulse responses from the Bauhaus Dessau Main Building Staircase, one of several spaces sampled and archived at Bauhaus Dessau, whereby such attributes can be clearly heard and identified, abstracted, and ultimately culminate into a resonant drone of complex fragmenting and sustained spacial, structural, and material frequencies. It should be noted that the long reverberation time of over 8 seconds is that of an archive detailed high fidelity impulse response of the space produced through convolution technology, and not audio of the space itself. Other sounds are partially processed or not at all, to provide a sense of depth and ability to peer sonically into the structure and materials. Such materials and structural elements include acoustic locations on stairwell and at upper and mid level bases, handrails, the large stairwell glass window panes, glass window opening mechanical apparatus (manual chain and sprocket), nearest radiator heater (proportional), and the leather seat, back, and armrests of the Model B3 Chair (Wassily Chair) of Marcel Breuer (1925/26) in the lounging area at uppermost stairwell tier level.

Alan B. Richmond Jr. /

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With funding assistance through a Research and Development Grant (2013) from The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, and support from Bauhaus Dessau Foundation