crazed cabin windows



‘crazed cabin windows’ The aesthetics and even most minute of nuanced attributes of environment and architecture are relative, holistic, and influential regarding mood, themes, and states of existence. This has been emphasized through various movements of architecture, and especially noticeable in reductionist or minimalist modern movements, where structural and environmental attributes are very carefully and attentively selected, particularly regarding transparency and emphasis of space, nature, and openness, efficiency of design, and aversion to the frivolous. Since living in this bay and marina for the past 9 months, my work has exhibited transformation from minimal, highly ordered, structured, often clean or pristine formalist quality, to one of contrasting chaos, disruption, irregularity, exacerbated distortion, and unpredictability / unreliability of form, as seen and heard in further stacked walls of sound, my linear sonic illustrations and mapping, recent carvings, and these new ‘crazed cabin windows’ series, a natural phenomena (crazing) of the plastic window sheeting fracturing into multitudes of tiny cracks. When i first acquired the boat, these windows were mostly clear, and due to weather, age of materials, temperature differences of interior / exterior, and other natural wear, stress, and degradation, have in this short timeframe become almost opaque and frosted, no longer allowing for clear visibility. Nonetheless, i would imagine that their daily visual motif, quite congruent to the dominance of ‘noise’ (guitar, environmental, social, political, emotional, neurological, other) has even on a subconscious level propagated itself. Or, through practical and mystical means, perhaps form is following function, and the vibrations of time and place manifest such emanations of congruence. #audioeins #architecture #existential #experiential #formality #nautical #sea

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