Shrouded Strings


Shrouded Strings, a forthcoming release, is a sonic investigation and resultant composition constructed from the sound of resonating sailboat mast and mast stays, which support the mast and keep it standing stable and straight during gusty occurrences, shifting tides, and rolling seas, and it serves to support the forces of fore and main sail systems, which are large transducers. Like the strings of a guitar bridge, especially like that of my telecaster which has a string through body suspension system, these steel wire shrouds stem from different points on the mast and reach to the deck at dispersed angles. One of these fixed deck points reaches through the deck to suspension rods within the cabin interior, thus securing them further with the hull of the boat. And much like the strings of a chambered guitar, or any chambered string instrument, vibrate and conduct resonances throughout the string points, cabin, and hull of the boat as well as from the mast which in this case is likened to the neck and fretboard of a guitar. Alan B. Richmond Jr. / audioeins Copyright 2017. #audioeins #sailboatstudio #nautical #shrouds #maststays #sailboatinstrument #acoustics #experimentalsound #pacificnorthwest #usa

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