Sailboat Studio Acoustic Diagram

IMG_4844An acoustic diagram of my sailboat studio, which has as well been my residence. The colors represent different frequencies of the spectrum, and how they filter through various chamber and compartment resonances. The main central cabin, as illustrated, has concave forms which act as subtle parabolic reflectors, allowing for reduction of standing waves often associated with rectangular forms. Continuation of this throughout the boat entirety reinforce this phenomena. Its also relatively symmetrical formally and sonically due to its design of bulkhead and partial wall perimeters, in the main cabin especially. Furthermore, the resonant wood chambers serve to act as speaker like cabinets, enhancing sub, low, and mid frequency levels with minimal needed amplification, allowing for a natural well balanced sound and a reasonably fair sonic representation of monitored material. Lastly, the empty dry bilge (outlined in yellow) acts as well as a sub frequency fundament, which is along with 1/3 to 1/4 of the entire cabin, submerged under water.  The water acts as both a chamber insulator and a simultaneous resonant extension. Alan B. Richmond jr. / audioeins Copyright 2017. #audioeins #sailboatstudio #nautical #maritime #acoustics #resonances #sound #experimentalsound

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